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Car Servicing..

The parts and lubricants on your vehicle wear as you drive. To ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition these wearing parts need to be inspected and any lubricants replaced. Our services will cover inspection of your vehicle and lubricant replacement

Why I need to service a car..

A service will inspect your vehicle for wear and carry out any schedule parts that need to be replaced including the engine oil. This can help to maintain your vehicle in good condition, prevent vehicle break down and increase your vehicle re-sell value

When to service a car..

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you service your vehicle at least once a year and on some newer cars only once every two year, OR, every 6,000-20,000 miles depending on your vehicle. Some vehicles will actually display on the dashboard when a service is due and what type of service

Manufacturer Scheduled Service: £Phone

Newer vehicles have scheduled services which differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. The items needed to be checked and replaced will be listed in your handbook. If you do not have that to hand we have the latest Autodata information which lists all checks/replacements required for your scheduled service