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Where to Fit Your New 4x4 Tyres?

When changing tyres on your 4x4 vehicle there are a number of important things to consider.

Two of the most important (and costly if ignored) are matching tread depths between new and used tyres if not replacing a full set and maintaining the correct rolling circumference if changing tyre sizes.

Matched tread depths are important as too large a difference can result in "winding up" of the 4wd system differential causing serious damage.

For instance consider the following:-

A vehicle fitted with 265/70R16 ( Nissan Patrol)

A New tyre will, according to the industry standard dimensions (ETRTO) have an overall diameter (O/D) of 792mm

Average tread depth when new will be around 10mm

A tyre with 5mm remaining tread depth will have an overall diameter of 782mm,

(original O/D - [2x5mm])


New tyre rolling circumference 792 x 3.05 = 2416mm

Used Tyre with 5mm rolling circumference 782 x 3.05 = 2385mm

Difference of 31mm

This means the new tyre will have 31mm further to travel for every revolution of the wheel.

A tyre of this size will rotate approx. 413 times per km therefore for every km driven the new tyre will travel an extra 12,830mm or approx 13 metres!!!

We always recommend replacing 4x4 tyres in full sets